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Structures / What is Structures

MBU Structures is a "monitoring plus" solution designed to watch over your investment and ensure you are notified if and when problems arise.

Sometimes, you just need a hand. You're busy, and you need someone to keep an eye on your business infrastructure to ensure there are no issues that will prevent you from making a profit. And, yet, you want to keep your costs down while also being actively involved in the state of your investment to ensure you know where the landmines are.

Remote Monitoring for a fixed monthly price — it's that simple. We provide all of the monitoring benefits of an internal IT department for fraction of the price of staffing one. We reduce the business impact of IT failures by minimizing their occurrence, and any unforeseen server issues are dealt with remotely as a top priority. All aspects of your network are covered: security, data protection applications and hardware. Desktop issues, as they arise, are reported to you for your determination how you'd like to proceed, whether by remote service, or billable onsite repair. And where remote support cannot resolve the issue, our trained technicians can be deployed for a low fixed-rate.

Our approach means we are remote partners with your IT department. Security, networking, data protection and user support – we partner with you to handle it all for a single, predictable price.

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